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Email Threat Report

Despite organizations adopting ‘secure’ email gateways and extensive employee training, 94% of cyber-attacks still start in the inbox. It’s clear a more advanced approach to email security is needed. 

Able to spot the subtlest signals of attack, Darktrace Antigena Email recognizes malicious activity even in ‘clean emails’ – preventing threats from reaching the inbox.  

Read the 2020 Email Security Threat Report now to discover what today’s threat landscape looks like and how Darktrace AI autonomously neutralizes all email-borne threats, from malware in fake invoices to C-level impersonation attacks. 

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for robust Cyber Security

Machine Learning Africa recently partnered with Darktrace to present a webinar on Leveraging AI & Machine Learning for robust Cybersecurity.

Topic: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in building robust Cyber security solutions.

The adoption of emerging technologies comes with increasing cybersecurity risks. AI and ML can be used to detect and analyze cyber-security threats effectively at an early stage.

Warren Mayer, Alliances Director for Africa at Darktrace, provided invaluable insight on the importance of self-learning and self-defending networks in mitigating cyber security risks.